Vision, Values, Beliefs

At Cotswold we are developing confident, connected and committed learners who positively contribute to society.   
This vision is supported by the New Zealand Curriculum which sets the national direction for learning for all students. Utilising the framework provided by the New Zealand Curriculum, Cotswold School has designed and implemented its own curriculum to engage and motivate its particular students.   
In the process of establishing this curriculum, the school staff, board of trustees and community have worked closely together. Our curriculum reflects the values and beliefs of the community, the particular needs and interests of our students, and the strengths of our staff. It builds on existing good practice and utilises local opportunities, resources and community support.


Values are deeply held beliefs detailing what our school community considers most important for our learners so that they will thrive in diverse communities. The Cotswold community has developed the following values which will be reflected in everyday actions and interactions within the school.
  • Caring
  • Contributing
  • Communicating
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
Teaching & Learning Beliefs

We believe that students learn best when teachers:
  • Encourage Reflective Thought and Action
  • Enhance The Relevance Of New Learning
  • Make Connections
  • Provide Multiple Opportunities To Learn
  • Facilitate Shared Learning
  • Create A Supportive Learning Environment
  • Integrate information and communication technologies