Enrolment Overview

Enrolment at Cotswold School is governed by an enrolment scheme. The development of new housing in our area combined with the increasing number of parents wishing their children to enter our school has meant the Board of Trustees has had to impose an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding and to manage the school roll having regard to the goals set out in our Charter. The enrolment scheme outlines a geographical area from which students are automatically accepted for enrolment at our school. The enrolment scheme also outlines priorities for the acceptance of students living outside our zone.
Through our enrolment scheme we aim to:
  • Ensure that there are places for children who have Cotswold as their closest school.
  • Ensure children currently enrolled at the school will continue to be able to attend Cotswold.
  • Ensure that others who apply for places in the school are treated fairly.
  • Ensure wherever possible, class sizes stay within acceptable limits with regard to the 1993 Ministry of Education Health and Safety Code of Practice.
  • Accommodate the rights of parental choice wherever possible.